We’re proud of the fact that nearly all of our partners, associates and staff have been a Tacoma team member since graduation. Our shared values and vision of building a great company to work for with professionalism and first-class dependability is the continuing focus of our group.

Expanding the company ownership among key employees is a major component of our vision because we understand that the basic assets of Tacoma Engineers are the education, training, experience, and skills of our employees. We believe the rewards from these assets should flow to all employees through ownership and profit sharing.

Personal development is a key component of our success and is always a top priority. Learning opportunities include technical training, leadership, communication, self-management and wellness in a variety of formats and environments. Team development is ongoing, and involves group learning and sharing gatherings, weekly lunches, and 360 accountability sessions. Some of our team building activities, such as camping, paintball, cycling, softball and dodgeball are more adventurous!

Since inception, our company has developed a culture of freedom and self-discipline, which has enabled our people to grow their own personal knowledge and skills within our core strength of structural engineering. This is creating some great leaders within our firm.

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